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Vegetable Tan Leather Single Shoulder

Vegetable Tan Single Shoulder Economy Leather - 6/7oz, 4-6 square feet

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We are please to offer our Economy Grade Vegetable Tan Leather Single Shoulder. Our Single Shoulders  are cut from C/D Grade cowhides imported from South America. Because this leather is c/d grade you can imperfections. You are likely going to have to work around bug bites, scar, or range marks. Our single shoulders are six to seven ounce and are between four and six square foot in surface area.

The color may vary from monitor to monitor, but you can expect your leather to arrive with a pale honey color. This leather takes water and it dyes beautifully, or you can let it develop its natural patina as it ages. The grain on this leather has a semi firm hand that tools, carves, embosses, and stamps just fine.

Ideal for a whole range of finished leather goods such as gun holsters, knife sheaths, travel bags, cigar rolls, journals, wallets, saddle bags the only limit is your creativity. The shoulder of the cow is a part of the hide that is soft and pliable because the grain is less dense. When deciding what you are going to please keep in mind that the shoulder and belly of a cow yields softer leather. If your project requires a dense tight grain you will want to consider the side of the cow which is where you will find that dense grain.

Vegetable tan leather is all natural, using only earthy tannins. Vegetable tan leather is eco friendly, making it safe for your family and your pets! If you enjoy the natural smell of leather veg tan leather is the smell you are craving. It is the unmistakable smell that you find some appealing when you walk into a leather store!

If you have any question or concerns about our vegetable tan single shoulder please let us know, we are happy to answer any questions for you. We have experienced Master Craftsmen  available to help you with your project or to just toss ideas around with.