Where Can I Find Leather Engraving Near Me?

Custom Leather Laser Engraving Services

Here at Stonestreet Leather, we can engrave your leather goods & gifts with ease right here in our Springfield Missouri-based shop. Handmade wallets, belts, sunglass cases and bags, coaster sets, knife sheaths, leather mouse pads, valet trays, keychains, bracelets are just some of the items that we can personalize and custom engrave for you! Do you already have a gift that but want to add that personal touch? No problem, we do all kinds of engraving and embossing for people's cherished gifts on a weekly basis.

Want to know more about the leather engraving options available to you here in 417 land? Check out our in depth page on everything personalizing though engraving and stamping leather here

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Laser Engraved Leather Coasters - Family Photo Laser Engraving


Where can I find a locally based leather shop in the Springfield area to engrave & personalize leather products in 2023? 

Have you ever had a leather gift that you wanted to get engraved with initials,  monogram or a laser engraved photo and didn't know where to go to get this engraving done? Choosing the best local leather engraving options can be difficult because engraving is a widely varied service with products that are metal, wood, acrylic and more. Just typing in 'Engraving in Springfield MO' to Google might bring up an overwhelming amount of options that are not very relevant to what you actually need: trophy and plaque engraving shops, drinkware engravers, jewelry, watches, tumblers, the list goes on and on. It's hard to locate a 417 based local shop that specializes in leather specific engraving. However, we have been here all along and we can engrave, stamp or emboss almost any kind of leather product right here in Springfield Missouri. 

What are the best ways to engrave & personalize leather products in 2023? 

 1. Laser Engraved: Create unique and personalized gifts by laser engraving leather, cutting boards, and more. Incorporate custom logos, monograms, and even photos to make gifts one-of-a-kind. With professional craftsmanship, your loved ones will cherish these timeless keepsakes. Below is an image of a custom laser engraved project we did for a customer. They wanted a personalized leather tab to attach to a blanket gift for newlyweds 😍. They picked the cursive font and we engraved it and installed it onto the blanket with rivets. 

 Laser Engraved Leather Blanket Tab - Personalized Message, Custom font


 2. Stamped and Embossed: Stamping a logo, monogram or initials into leather is referred to as 'embossing' and 'stamping'. This is when you use brass dies or lettertype to press into the leather, leaving a permanent personalized gift even better. When we only use a stamp and no foil, this is called a blind deboss, often called blind emboss instead. Feeling fancy? Try our gold or silver embossing option for a shiny statement piece. Below is an image of a custom stamped sunglass case we created for a customer. They wanted a personalized message on their new case and we made it happen! 😍 The results are stunning as you can see below. For the yellow sunglass case we made a short video of just how this works so you can see the stamping process from beginning to end. 


Personalized Stamped Embossing on a Leather Sunglass Case - Stonestreet Leather


Closeup of Personalized Stamping Project on Sunglass Case - Stonestreet Leather
3. Stamped and Embossed with Shiny Foil: Stamping a logo, monogram or initials into leather can be made more fancy by adding a shiny glimmering foil touch to the impression. If you want your personalized leather product to really stand out in a crowd, consider gold or foil embossing to your project. Here are some lovely examples of foil stamped leather goods that we have done for our customers. 
Gold Foil Embossed Leather Zippered Pen Case - Stonestreet Leather
Shiny Foil Embossed Leather products - Stonestreet Leather
Gold Foil Embossed Leather - Stonestreet Leather
For more information on local engraving and embossing please check out our personalized engraving page on our site here.
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