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If you like knives, then you need an awesome sheath!

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Leather Knife Sheaths for Sale

Stonestreet Leather has the highest quality knife sheaths. The top-quality sheath is an accessory that can be used to carry extra magazines, a flashlight or your cell phone.

There are many different types, shapes and sizes of leather knife sheaths and knife pouches. Stonestreet Leather is beginning by focusing on portable 'attach to the belt' knife sheaths and pouches. Our first type is the pocket knife pouch. It features a sleek design that loops right onto your belt for ease of access and portability.

The pocket knife pouch does not have a closure, instead it is constructed so that the knife slides in comfortably, but secure enough that it won't fall out. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, this sheath is also available for small knives or large pocket knives. The stitch line distances are either smaller or larger depending on the size of pocket knives you own.

The second type of knife sheath is a similar knife pouch that allows you to secure it to a belt but it also features a snap closure making sure that your knife never falls out. Either type of sheath is fully customizable with personalized laser engraving available.

Get Your Custom Knife Sheath!

Our knife sheaths and pouches can be customized by use of our laser engraver.

We are able to laser engrave any logo, initials or b/w photo onto any leather sheath. Simply email us before or after you purchase and let us know what you would like engraved and we will take care of the rest.

If you have a logo or special font you would like used just let us know or send us the art you would like engraved. Keep in mind, these sheaths are small so there is a limit to the amount of content we can engrave for space reasons.

Also Available: Knife Sheath Patterns

Knife sheath patterns are super useful for any leather crafter wanting to make a leather sheath or pouch. Wether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, using a sheath pattern allows anyone to accurately construct their very own sheath.

Patterns can come as pdf's or acrylic templates. Pdf's are great because you can print them off, spray them with a little adhesive, adhere to the leather and just cut directly over the lines of the pattern. When you are done, just remove the paper and you have a perfectly cut out piece of the project. Another favorite tool of leather crafters are laser cut acrylic templates.

Acrylic patterns/templates are placed on top of the leather and held down as the crafter cuts around the borders.

Acrylic templates are great for a few reasons:

  • Knife sheath projects in particular because most sheaths have some curved lines that can be very tricky to cut out of leather using only paper patterns.
  • Using acrylic templates gives you a solid border to cut around, making the process much more manageable and accurate especially for beginner leather crafters.
  • In addition to all those acrylic template benefits, the best part may be that you can re-use the template over and over again without having to worry about wasting paper or ink.

This is great if you have a large number of sheaths to make. Acrylic templates for all kind of leather projects are a vital part of any leather crafters arsenal.

Knife Sheath FAQs

  • Do leather sheaths dull knives?

  • A leather sheath might be soft, good-looking, and easy to handle, but it has its cons just like any other knife sheath. Leather sheath has the tendency to absorb moisture very quickly which causes it to rot. This rotting potentially locks in the moisture, leading to dulling of the knife. However, you can use treated leather which does not absorb moisture and prevents the knife from getting dull.

  • How much is a custom leather sheath?

  • The cost of a custom leather sheath depends on various factors, such as the knife’s size, material used, and the design. Smaller leather sheaths will cost less than the bigger leather sheaths, but it will definitely cost a lot if it’s made out of an expensive leather and a unique design. The prices can range from a few dollars to above $200.

  • What is the best leather sheath?

    A leather sheath made of vegetable tanned leather is the best option out there if you want your leather sheath to have a long lifespan and carry out its duties well. A vegetable tanned leather sheath will not crack or dry out if its moisture dries.This will also protect the knife or any other tool from scratches or getting dull.

  • How to make a leather knife sheath?

  • To make a leather knife sheath, you first need to gather the materials and tools needed. These should also be gathered while considering what type of leather knife sheath you want to make. If you want to make a simple fold-over sheath, you only need a piece of leather and some other tools to help you make a good leather knife sheath.

    1. Draw your pattern, put your knife on a piece of cardboard and simply trace it with a pencil.
    2. Transfer the design onto the leather.
    3. Dye the leather and check the fit.
    4. Start forming the leather.
    5. Trim and stitch the leather seam
    6. Sew the sheath and fit the knife it will be snug at the beginning but it will loosen over time.


  • What is a cross draw sheath?

  • A cross draw sheath has a different structure than a normal leather sheath. It is used to hold a knife, handgun, or any other tool around your body. It is often seen attached with a belt, titled, which makes pulling out the tool