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Welcome to our collection of all of embossed and printed leather. All of this embossed leather is genuine full grain cowhide leather that has been embossed or printed to look and feel just like animal skins and/or patterns. We have a wide variety of colors, prints and sizes for you to purchase. If you are looking for something eye catching that looks like real snake or croc leather, you have come to the right place. We sell our embossed leathers in scrap bags, strips or by the square foot. Full sides are available for bigger projects or you can also just purchase a simple 6x12" or 12x12" precut piece of perfect leather. We have an automatic clicker press and many dyes made in different sizes so you can be sure you get all the leather you paid for and it will be perfectly symmetrical and clean. 

Our chrome tanned snake print cowhide has been embossed with a beautiful python, cobra, or boa print and have an extremely realistic texture and feel. Whether you need one 12"x12" piece, a full side, or a large wholesale bulk order, we've got you covered. Our snake print cowhide is available in many different colors like pink, mint chocolate chip, chocolate, cotton candy pink, purple, white, beige, brown, tan, rainbow,, metallic black and white and much much more. No matter what your leather project is, we have a color to match it. This reptile print leather is ideal for handbags, upholstery and projects where a 'wow' factor is required. Our full collection of chrome tanned snake print is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. At Stonestreet Leather, we believe in quality and our snake print leather is no exception. 

Another exciting addition to our collection is our line of chrome-tan embossed crocodile print leather. Croc print is so cool words just can't do it justice but i'll try anyway:) These chrome-tanned cowhides have been embossed with an attractive crocodile back and belly repeating pattern and are hand finished. This croc leather has an amazingly realistic texture and an out of this world color variety. The pattern and texture feel so real to the touch you won't believe it is cowhide. You simply have to try it out! 

Embossed and printed scrap bags are also a great choice for the crafter on a budget. For under $15 you will receive an entire pound of assorted embossed and printed leather. You are likely to receive many different colors, finishes and prints in each bag. You will also likely receive some of the snake and gator scrap included with a variety of unique leather you probably have never seen before. Some leather is shiny and reflective and some even changes color! Every order is like Christmas because each one is a surprise.