A Guide to the Top 10 Best Leather Shapes of 2022

Shop our selection of die-cut leather shapes that are all cut in-house! Choose from earrings, key fobs, and rosettes. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

What are the Top 10 Best Leather Shapes of 2022?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when thinking about buying leather shapes for your crafts? Choosing the best leather shape can be difficult because you can find so many different strips and shapes, as well as types of leather. However, we have assembled a list of leather shapes for different leather products.

  1. Brown Crazy Horse Water Buffalo Leather

  2. Burgundy Brown West Tan Water Buffalo Leather

  3. Tan Vintage Glazed Water Buffalo Leather

  4. Denim Vintage Glazed Water Buffalo Leather

  5. Blue Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster Shapes

  6. Pink Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster Shapes

  7. Green Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster Shapes

  8. Vegetable Tan Cowhide, Square Leather Shape

  9. Blue Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster Shapes

  10. 4" Round Vegetable Tan Cowhide Leather Coaster

How to Cut Leather Shapes

One of the crucial parts of leatherworking is knowing how to cut leather. Your abilities in this area can significantly impact the end result of your project.

Knowing how to cut leather and doing it right can be a bit challenging. You need to have the right tools and keep them sharp because even minor slips can mess up your process when making leather accessories or different leather products. It is also important to understand the different leather grades.

First, before you start, take a look at the leather surface and look for the area that doesn't have any major imperfections. Although you'll scope out the leather's grain side, you'll be cutting from the flesh side. It's advisable to mark the leather before cutting it.

The whole process can also depend on the leather thickness since it's much easier to cut thick than thin leather. Don't forget that the thickness can vary across the entire leather hide.

Leather with a thickness of 1mm or less is best cut with a rotary cutter. If the leather material is thicker, a hobby knife can get you a straight cut. However, if the leather is very thick, it's best to make more small passes before you cut through completely. If you need straight lines, a ruler and a lot of patience will do the trick.

What is Pre-cut Leather Material?

If you don't consider yourself skilled when it comes to cutting leather, you can always use a pre-cut leather piece. Pre-cut leather pieces can be used to make wallets, purses, knife sheaths, and other leather products.

It may be much more important to choose high-quality leather pieces so your leather product would end up looking gorgeous. Full-grain leather is the highest quality leather and may be ideal for a leather sofa, for instance, while top grain leather is a good quality leather used for shoes such as ankle boots or handbags. On the other hand, a sofa of bonded leather material, which is usually made of leather scraps, would have a considerably shorter lifespan than the one made of real leather.

The Best Leather for Horse Nose Leather Shapes

The noseband is the part of the horse's bridle that goes over the horse's nose. It can be with or without a metal core. It requires a higher-quality yet soft leather with a velvet-like texture, so the sensitive horse's nose is protected from metal rings. However, faux leather bridles are also popular, typically because their materials are cheaper than paying for real leather.

Buffalo leather is a type of leather that offers attractive looks for both show ring and schooling purposes. It is also durable leather of the utmost leather quality. Our buffalo leather material and leather pieces such as Brown Crazy Horse Water Buffalo Leather, Burgundy Brown West Tan, Water Buffalo Leather, Tan Vintage Glazed Water Buffalo Leather, as well as Denim Vintage Glazed Water Buffalo Leathe provide quality that goes well above and beyond the standards in the leather industry.

Most Attractive Leather Earring Shapes

Leather earrings are still trendy, light, and easy to wear. They can also be easily made. Although you can use faux leather fabric when making different earring shapes, you can also use real leather. Teardrop shapes are very popular, along with heart shapes and circle shapes.

If you would like to make them on your own, choose between blue, pink, and green pre-dyed vegetable-tanned leather pieces from our modern style "Monet" line (Blue Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster Shapes, Pink Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster Shapes, and Green Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster Shape). They are dyed-through, and because they are made of vegetable-tanned leather, they can be carved, tooled, and stamped.

Genuine Leather Patch Shapes

Those who want their leather pieces laser engraved or tooled should consider our vegetable-tanned cowhide leather pieces, such as Vegetable Tan Cowhide, Square Leather Shape, Blue Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster Shapes, and 4" Round Vegetable Tan Cowhide Leather Coaster. They can also be dyed, painted, or left to develop a natural patina.

Leather Punches Shapes

There are two ways to form leather into different shapes. You can do it by hand or by using molds, so the leather retains the desired shape. The ticker the leather is – the harder it will be to form it around an object. And if you want to excel in your leatherworking, make sure you also have a leather punch, one of the essential tools in leatherworking. It can be perfect for making leather earring jewelry.

If you are looking for a leather supplier that can provide genuine leather pieces of the highest quality, Stonestreet Leather may very well exceed your expectations.