10 Best Leather Stamping Tools: The Ultimate Guide Plus Tips

Leather Stamping

If you want elegant results with your next leather craft project, you should consider adding leather stamping to your craft processes. Leather stamping is a straightforward way to get decorative and embossed leather craft products.

Although you can stamp on any leather, wet vegetable-tanned leather is ideal, especially for beginner leather stampers. However, you'll need the right leather stamping/punch tools to do a thorough job.

Types of Leather Stamping Tools

There are several types of leather stamping tools you can use to get leather embossed shapes, including the following;

Vintage Leather Stamping Tools

In the leatherworking world, leather tools made in the 1960s or earlier are known as vintage tools. Most of these vintage leather stamping tools were handmade and not mass manufactured in a factory. They were and are still popular saddle-making tools. Many people still use them on veg-tanned leather and chrome-tanned leather and they are still a part of their leather sewing tools.

Custom Leather Stamping Tools

Custom leather stamping tools are made specifically to suit their owner's needs. They allow you to express your creativity by choosing your patterns. Pattern leather craft stamps could be of any style including numbers or any other design. If you'd like to own a set of custom stamping tools or custom-styles leather craft stamps, you could find a manufacturer of such tools online and contact them. Such leather craft tools are highly popular for handmade leather material jackets.

Professional Leather Stamping Tools

These leather crafting tools are of top quality and are built to last. They may be handmade or produced commercially, but their designs are delicate and suitable for use multiple times. Such stamping tools suit perfectly vegetable-tanned leather where you have to pay particular attention to the leather quality.

How to Use Leather Stamping Tools

Stamping leather generally involves applying force onto one end of a rod using a leather working hammer or a stamping steel punch tool. The other end of the rod has the unique shape or design that you want to imprint on your damp leather material or cut leather shapes. This leaves a permanent, decorative impression on the leather. That's how the leather stamping tool set is being used.

Before stamping, you could also prep the leather material with a swivel knife. You can use the knife to outline your design area before you start the stamping process.


A leather carving tool kit with stamping tools is a must-have for leather craftwork. So, we've put together a list of 10 outstanding and helpful leather-making accessories and stamping tools for you. This list of best leather stamping tools was born out of research into the most useful products in the market, and we hope that you find one that you'd like.

  1. Butuze Leathercraft Set

Butuze manufacturers bring you a complete leather craft tool set from quality materials. With this set, you can practice your leather lacing skills. You can also cut, punch and stamp leather. Its multi-purpose function makes it an affordable option for you. However, the toolset is missing a mallet. This product is suitable for those who have some experience with leather stamping as the many tools may be confusing for a beginner leather artisan.

  1. Tandy Leather Native American Symbol Stamp Set

If you are a fan of Native American culture, then this is the leather stamping toolset for you. It has forty-three beautiful stamp symbols. The stamps are steel-hardened, which makes them durable. The set also includes a list identifying the name and meaning of each symbol on the leather stamps just in case the user is new to Native American culture. However, the stamps are pretty small and might not be suitable for your craft project if you prefer bold designs.

  1. Big Teddy Leather Stamp Punch Set

This quality stamp set is ideal for both beginners and professionals. The Big Teddy set comes with 20 patterns popular among leather stamping enthusiasts. The stamp set is durable and can be a good gift for a leather craft lover. However, the Big Teddy set does not come with a mallet and is not suitable for use on pre-dyed leather.

  1. Jupean Leather Stamping Tools

This tool set from Jupean has six pieces of special stamping tools. The tools are unique because they have different textures, prints, and patterns that can combine creatively to create aesthetically beautiful designs on leather. They are made with high-quality steel and are built to last a lifetime. The tools are also suitable for beginner leather crafters. However, using this set could be challenging when working on less than 2.2 cm leather. The stamp design also needs a lot of force to imprint perfectly.

  1. UOOU Leather Stamp Tools Kit

The UOOU leather stamp kit makes it to this list because it includes a hammer in its set. You will also get six pieces of stamp rods with unique shapes and tracing pens. The shafts of the stamping rods have a non-slip texture to enhance grip. This product is durable and can help you achieve stamping with a lovely 3D effect. However, if you are not a professional leather crafter, you may leave poor imprints that are not defined.

  1. Realeather Crafts Funtime Stamp Set

The Realether Funtime stamp set is a stamp set for beginners. It contains elegant stamps that can be used by children as young as age three. This set comes with quality stamping heads and a handle. You can use it individually or even in combination with other stamping tools. On the downside, the set comes with only one handle, so there's no backup if the handle gets damaged.

  1. Stainless Steel Barry King Stamp Set

Stainless Steel Barry King stamp sets are known for their outstanding quality. The tools in this set are all handmade and made from steel. This makes them unique and corrosion-resistant.

Stainless steel stamp tools have permanently attached steel handles that do a fine leather crafting job since they do not break easily. So, if you do a lot of leather stamping daily, this might be the tool for you. However, the price for this tool set is on the high side, but if you can afford it, it may prove itself a worthy investment in the long run.

  1. James Linnell Tools

James Linnell stamp tools mainly produce embossed leather in unique basket weave, geometric, and border designs. The stamping tool designs are made from steel and bronze and are usually customized for the client. They are ideal for beginners and come at a budget-friendly price. However, you may need to be careful with this product when stamping, as the head has the tendency to come loose.

  1. Craftjapan Leather Stamps

Craftjapan leather stamps are made from alloy steel. They are suitable for handmade bags, shoes, wallets, and other small leather craft projects. They are long-lasting and easy to use, which makes them ideal for beginners.

  1. Hide Crafter Pro Leather Stamp Tools

Hide Crafter stamp tools are known for their unique best pebble-like impressions in the market. In addition, they have great designs that are great for leather backgrounds. The tools can be purchased as singles or doubles. However, their large handles could prove challenging to manage for some people.


You can find leather stamping tools in your local hardware store or e-commerce outlets like Amazon. But remember that you'll need quality leather pieces, which we can supply at Stonestreet Leather.




We understand that not everyone is a professional leather craftsman. So, if you're new to leather stamping, here are some stamping techniques and tips that can help you achieve great results:

  • Ensure you are working on wet or moist leather. Wet leather is soft and malleable.

  • Practice with leather scraps to get the feel of leather stamping.

  • Oil the leather material before and after stamping to preserve the design.

  • Your motion should be consistent while stamping.

  • Apply an equal measure of pressure as you stamp for excellent results.