Leather Remnants: How to Use Them

Stonestreet Leather discusses leather remnants and understanding about how to use them.


Leather Scraps

For centuries leather has been used as a raw material to make products such as shoes, bags, purses, belts, watch straps, and even seats. These products are often manufactured in factories on a large scale.

However, some scrap leather may be left over during the production process. This can happen if a manufacturer orders more leather material than is needed such that there is a surplus. The leather can either be from animal hides or faux leather, which is increasingly becoming a popular leather nowadays.

Some might consider these leather scraps as waste material that should be discarded. However, this perspective might be inaccurate as there are several purposes and projects which leather remnants can be used for.

These remnants and scraps are especially useful if you're interested in leather crafts. They usually come in different sizes, colors, textures, and tans, depending on their initial use. You can pick them up from where the manufacturer disposes them or directly request them from the leather producer.

Using leather scraps for your leather projects can help to prevent waste. So, here we're sharing some ideas that could work for you if you have a leather project at hand or are generally interested in crafting. You can learn about leather remnants, how to use them, and several fantastic and useful items you can come up with.

What to Do With Leather Scrap Products

Leather remnants are a versatile raw material for creative crafters. They are also an inexpensive resource for making simple handmade products since all you require is scraps of leather and not a full-sized piece.

You can use the leather pieces to develop DIY scrap leather projects that do not consume much of your time. After crafting these items, what you do with them next is totally up to you. You could keep them as part of your own private leather craft collection. You could also decide to share your creativity with others by selling the pieces in thrift stores or online and making some bucks on the side.

You could also share your creative process with others by making videos and posting them on Youtube and other social media platforms.

Things to Make With Leather Scraps

The item you choose to create with your scrap material often depends on the texture of each leather piece. For instance, thick leather pieces are best for projects that require a tough exterior, such as making leather belts or book covers.

Thick leather pieces are easier to emboss or engrave with letters, images, or patterns. So, if you intend to customize your leathercraft items, you should consider the thickness of the material used.

Leather scraps can also be used to make jewelry and accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, luggage tags, or even a key holder. We have highlighted some of these items to give you ideas for your next leather craft project.

Leather Hair Piece

You might be tired of those plastic accessories for your hair, so why not try some leather ones? The trick here is to use soft and flexible leather pieces and cut them into small, pretty pieces and shapes.

You could form the leather into bows and embellish it with floral accents, beads, decorative stones, or glitter. You can then attach each piece onto elastic bands, hair combs, or ribbons to hold the hair in place. For variety, you could mix and match several colors and different types of accessories.

Leather Earrings

For this item, you only need tiny bits of leather material. You can cut up the scraps into the desired leather shapes using a tool such as an X-acto knife. Be sure to make the shapes as appealing as possible.

You can embellish the cut leather pieces with tiny beads or any other fancy material, but you would need to first punch small holes at the center where the metal piercings will go through.

You can also use embellished leather remnants to revamp your old hoop earrings. For this, you would need thin leather strips, which you would carefully wrap around the hoop with the help of some craft glue. You can dye the leather before you start or decorate it with glitter. The finished product will be unique and give life to your old piece of jewelry.

Leather Coin Pouch

It is common to see people walking around with coins in their pockets to use for the parking meter or the laundry mart. Carrying coins in your pockets makes it easier to lose them. You need something to help you stay organized and keep your coins safe.

You could create a small, handy leather coin pouch or bag to solve this problem. All you need is a square piece of small scrap leather and a ribbon, small rope, or thread.

To make this item, fold the leather scrap into two, with the wrong sides facing out. Fold the top of the item and stitch to make room for the closure. Then turn the material inside out and work the ribbon or thread through the sewn area to create a draw-string effect.

Again, you can decorate the pouch any way you desire.

Leather Keyholder

Making unique leather keyholders is one of the easiest DIY leather projects. You only need small scrap pieces of leather.

For this project, you should also use leather with a thick but fine texture since you will likely be holding the keyholder most of the time.

First, ensure your leather piece is in the desired shape and size. Then you make a tiny hole through which you can fit your key ring.

You can show your creativity by customizing the piece by embellishing it with non-leather materials or engraving a special message. This could make a perfect gift for your loved one.

Leather Sunglass Case

Another unique item you can make is a customized leather sunglass case. You will need a little more leather scraps for this and some soft cloth material to finish the case's interior.

You can use a sewing machine to sew the scrap leather pieces together and stitch them into a pouch design. You can then customize them in the desired manner.

You can carry this leather case anywhere as an accessory that can fit in your pocket or bag.

Final Thoughts on Leather Scraps

Whether leather is from animal hide or faux, it is considered a status symbol. Because of this status, it can become expensive for most people. However, with leather remnants, you can also enjoy a bit of class and elegance.

You can achieve this by acquiring leather scraps and being creative and crafty with crafty ideas and projects. You may also want to add an element of distinction by going for remnants of embossed leather.