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Cowhide is our bread and butter. Most of the leather we offer is cowhide. Cowhides are a byproduct of the food industry from cattle. The skin leftover is frequently processed into leather. 

One of the most popular types of cowhide is our Vegetable Tanned Leather. Vegetable tanned leather is usually cowhide that has been tanned using vegetable oils and tannins from natural plants and trees. This is the oldest form of tanning and is an industry standard. Crafters love vegetable tanned leather, commonly referred to as "veg tan", because it is un-dyed and acts as a blank canvas. Veg tan leather can be stamped, tooled, carved or dyed, making it the ideal material for many projects from wallets, to bracelets, belts, purse straps, journal covers, leather jewelry and much much more. If you are looking for veg tan cowhide, you can find it right here

Another common form of cowhide is found in chrome-tanned upholstery leather. Upholstery leather is often made the hide of a cow. It differs from veg tan in that it is chrome tanned with heavy chemicals to break down the fibers of the leather which turns it into buttery smooth and soft upholster that can be upholstered onto a chair, couch, table, foot rest and much more. Chances are you might have some upholstery leather covering the seats in your car. Upholstery leather can also be used for handbags and jewelry and much more. If you are looking for cowhide upholstery leather you can find it here

Cowhide can also be embossed to look and feel like other animal skins. For example, snake, gator, croc, and other exotic animals like elephant, lizard, and ostrich can all be replicated onto to cowhide leather. Embossed cowhide can look like almost any other type of leather but it is actually a cow skin that has been treated, embossed and dyed to resemble a wide variety of animal skins, like snake, ostrich or crocodile as well as a wide variety of patterns and much more. If you are looking for embossed and printed cowhide you can find it right here