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Here we have all of our embossed and printed leather that is not snake print or crocodile print. All leather in this collection is chrome-tanned cowhide. In this collection you will find various types of embossed and printed leathers. For example, ostrich print, floral print, camouflage, lace, elephant print, and many many more. Vibrant, bright colorful leather options in regular leather and suede leather. Most all of this leather is lightweight 3/4oz. The embossed and printed leather in this collection is a great choice for projects that need to stand out from the crowd. Sold by the square foot, you can purchase one perfect square foot pre-cut piece or an entire side of 18-25 square feet. The choice is yours. Take a tour and look around, most likely we have something that you will love. If you have questions, please contact us, we love hearing from our creative crafting customers. You can call us or email us anytime and we will be there to answer all your questions. Simply click the contact us button on the right side of your screen and ask away:) We look forward to hearing from you.