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Welcome to the ostrich collection here at Stonestreet Leather. Most of our ostrich is actually not real ostrich but cowhide which has been embossed to look like the quill pattern of ostrich leather. This is advantageous for a couple reasons, firstly real ostrich is much more expensive than cowhide. Second with a cowhide, the square footage of the leather is much much larger. An ostrich hide is only around 16 square feet on average, but only approximately 2/3 of the skin contains the full quill. The “quills” are the distinctive little bumps on the ostrich skin. The full quill section of the skin is the center of it where the quills are the most pronounced. The rest of the skin (1/3) has either partial quill (less pronounced quills) or no quill. 

Our embossed ostrich leather is perfect for handbags, cases, wallets, or even used as a two ply application to make belts.  All of our ostrich leather is 3/4oz and has a bit of stiffness to it which makes it a great material for a wide variety of leather projects. We have many colors to choose from and we sell these hides in full or half sides. The average side of embossed ostrich is around 20-24 square feet and the average half side is 10-12 square feet. If you aren't sure, just contact us and we will send you a sample of any color you like before you buy a larger piece. 

In addition to embossed ostrich cowhide, we do sell some finished goods that are real ostrich leather.  One of our favorite types of any leather is from the ostrich's leg. It comes from it's shin actually. This particular piece of ostrich leather is a stunning almost reptilian looking piece of leather which we love to use to make finished wallets and other small leather goods. You have to see it to believe it. Here we see a simple two pocket bifold which uses a gorgeous black and red ostrich shin leather as the wallet backer. 

The ostrich shin is one of the coolest looking leathers in the world as you can see from the above photos. Most people are surprised to learn this leather doesn't come from an alligator or reptile of some kind but instead an ostrich! You can find our leather ostrich wallet here.