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Welcome to Stonestreet Leather's selection of perfect, clicked out leather shapes. This collection includes every type of vegetable tanned leather, buffalo leather and more. Most of the products here are sets of leather coaster shapes also known as 'rounders' in the leather community. Our coasters are 4"x4", making them the perfect choice for a wide range of leather projects. We cut all of our leather shapes out by using an industrial clicker press to punch out the shapes we need. This method allows for extreme precision and consistency when clicking out shapes for customers. We have a range of different shaped dyes we can use to click out almost any shape. One of the services we can offer is to provide a leather clicking service for leather crafters. If you have a successful leather business and you need certain shapes clicked out of high grade leather we are able to help. This can save hundreds and hundreds of hours of time cutting out the same shapes over and over again. Not only is it faster than hand cutting, it's much more accurate and consistent. If you need parts clicked out, whether its a small amount or large amount, please reach out to us for a quote,

Round leather coasters and square leather coasters are great for craft projects or just to sit a beverage on top of. The veg tan leather coasters can be stamped, embossed, carved, tooled and dyed into whatever your imagination can dream up. Both the buffalo leather and vegetable tanned leather can be engraved with a laser engraver or hot stamp machine. If you only need a set of four or a set of twelve, you are in the right place. 

This collection will also include other shapes such as veg tan and buffalo leather mouse pads as well as leather earring packs made from embossed chrome tanned leather. We will also be offering sample packs of clicked out leather pieces so you can feel and touch the leather before buying a larger amount. As our business grows, we will be adding more and more variety of leather shapes to our customers. From earring shapes to guitar straps to leather book covers, we will work hard to broaden our abilities to provide you a wide array of leather shapes to choose from. l

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