Buffalo Leather - The Best for Making Bags

Buffalo leather is luxurious leather that is used for premium products and accessories. Check out why Stonestreet Leather considers it best for bags!

What Makes Buffalo Leather so Popular for Bags?

Buffalo leather, otherwise known as English saddle leather or bison leather in the United States, is leather that is derived from domestic buffalo hides.

Genuine bison and buffalo leather have a thicker epidermal layer (top layer) than cowhide. This makes buffalo leather more robust than cowhide, cow leather, goat leather, Asian water buffalo leather, and African Cape buffalo leather.

Buffalo leather usually comes with a different and unique grain pattern compared to goat or cow leather.

This finely-grained genuine leather is usually very flexible and soft, making it the ideal material for producing premium quality leather products such as shoes, jackets, leather accessories, and leather bags. As a result, buffalo leather has gained a top-quality leather reputation.

Where Does Buffalo Leather Come From?

Buffalo leather is made from the hide of the American Bison or the domestic buffalo.

Different buffalo or bison leather types include:

  • buffalo embossed leather

  • full-grain buffalo leather

  • buffalo hunter leather

  • pull-up buffalo leather

  • water buffalo leather

  • buffalo mix leather

  • genuine buffalo leather

  • top-grain buffalo leather

  • Italian buffalo leather

What Is the Difference Between Buffalo Leather and Buffalo Hide?

A hide is an animal skin with fur on it.

A buffalo hide is the natural, unbleached buffalo skin with fur on it. It retains the original color of the animal since it hasn't been tanned and processed into leather.

Buffalo leather refers to the hide that has been tanned and processed into buffalo leather.

The Different Types of Buffalo Leather Products

Buffalo leather is a natural material with great durability and versatility. It is an excellent choice for items worn more regularly and need to stand up to more wear and tear, such as bags.

The most common buffalo leather items are bags, wallets, belts, shoes, and other accessories. This full-grain leather is perfect for these products because it lasts for many years.

There are many differences in buffalo hides, so the buffalo leather differs in appearance and texture.

Why Is Buffalo Leather the Best for Making Bags?

Genuine buffalo leather is usually as pliable as cow leather or goat leather, and it is among the strongest leathers on the market.

A great thing about North American bison leather is the tanning method used to process it. Full-grain buffalo leather is processed with organic materials to preserve the grain pattern, resulting in thicker fibers that give it a striking appearance and make it highly durable.

The tanning process used to produce buffalo leather also uses brain tanning techniques to soften the leather and prevent it from hardening.

Buffalo leather items are a great option if you want genuine full-grain leather with a distinctive pattern, natural beauty, and deep tones. This material is among the best leathers available.

Advantages of Buffalo Leather vs. Cow Leather

  1. Long-lasting and strong leather: buffalo leather offers excellent durability because it is not stretched and can be up to 3 times thicker than cowhide.

  2. Waterproof: the thickness of buffalo leather and its treatment with waxes and oils makes it less porous and essentially waterproof compared to cowhide.

  3. Old school tanning: using vegetable tanning methods, skilled artisans use an old-school technique to process the buffalo hide into leather. Vegetable-tanned leather tends to age better, acquiring a rich character and patina with time. Modern techniques like chrome tanning are used to process cowhide into cow leather. This method requires stretching the cowhide, resulting in a less water-resistant material with a less unique pattern.

  4. Long-lasting shape: vegetable-tanned buffalo leather items like bags hold their shape longer than other leathers.

  5. Stylish texture and appearance: buffalo leather has a more defined grain pattern than cow leather, making it an ideal material for making bags with high-end textures and looks.

Disadvantages of Using Buffalo Leather Good for Making Bags

Although bison leather is one of the most popular types of leather for making bags, this material has some drawbacks as well.

One of the main disadvantages of buffalo leather is that it is tough and rigid, so it can be challenging to work with. The leather is not as flexible as other types of leather, like cow or goatskin, so it can be difficult to cut and sew because the material does not stretch.

Despite buffalos being larger than cows, their hides are smaller because they are not stretched. As a result, Buffalo leather is slightly more expensive than cow leather.

What Should You Look for in Buffalo Leather Bags?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new bag: the size, the color, the material, and more. Consider the following points the next time you buy a new buffalo leather bag.

  1. Size matters

    Even though it may seem trivial to some, the bag's size and the compartments are essential factors when choosing a bag. Do you need a small purse or something to hold your laptop and all your other stuff?

    There are many different sizes available, so you need to find one that works best for you.

  2. Colour and style

    Next, decide on the style. Choose the color that looks best on you and suits the occasion, and then choose that. You don't have to worry about trends because it's your choice! You can choose any style and any color in the rainbow!

  3. Strength

    Lastly, buffalo leather might be the right choice if you're looking for a durable, waterproof, and stylish material.

Buffalo Hide Bags: Are They Worth it?

Buffalo hide bags are an alternative to traditional buffalo leather bags. They have a similar look and feel, and they also come in various colors and designs.

These bags offer several benefits, such as being more eco-friendly, durable, waterproof, and breathable. Some people also prefer bison hide bags because they are more affordable than traditional genuine leather bags.

Buffalo hide bags are not only stylish, but they are versatile. They can also be used for other purposes, like pet carriers or luggage.

Why Should You Get Buffalo Leather Bags?

If you need practical and stylish-looking leather bags that offer you more durability, then buffalo leather is the obvious choice.

Other leathers like cow leather are more fragile and prone to stains. On the other hand, Buffalo leather is thick, coarse-grained, and very durable.