Choosing Leather Cutting Tools that Get the Job Done

When it comes to crafting leather products, high-quality cutting tools are a must. They make all the difference in the final product when it comes to the comfort and durability of the final product.

The first step in finding the best leather cutting tools is to know what options are out there. If you want to know more about this, keep reading.

What Are Leather Cutting Tools?

Leather cutting tools are the tools of the leathercrafting trade. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and each has a specific role to play in the leather crafting process.

Some, known as special tools, are designed for a single purpose, such as cutting out patterns or creating particular shapes. Others, known as general-purpose tools, can be used for a variety of purposes, such as cutting, shaping, and punching holes.

Some leather cutters include:

  • heavy-duty scissors,

  • swivel knives,

  • a rotary cutter,

  • sharp knives like a leather strap cutter,

  • a thin leather cutting knife,

  • a skiving knife,

  • a knife with uneven jagged edges for cutting specific leather pieces,

  • and other leather knives.

These extremely sharp tools all present important advantages that help do the project properly, depending on what the project is. When used in their proper application, using even pressure, they each can allow you to do great detail work.

What Blade Do You Use to Cut Leather?

One of the first decisions to be made when selecting leather cutting tools is what type of blade to use. This will depend on the type of leather being used. For example, a cutting tool designed for use on calfskin will require a different type of blade to be used on horsehair leather. Most leather cutting tools are designed to be used with a blade, which is a long, narrow piece of metal or plastic with a sharp edge you can use to cut a lot of leather on. 

Several types of blades can be used to cut various types of leather. Most leather cutting tools come with a blade that is designed to work with the tool, so it’s worth investing in the best blade for the job.

By using a good cutting blade, you make sure that everything is consistent: you create the same hole every time, regardless of the type of leather knife you use. Also, different pieces of leather require different holes to be punched, so using the wrong tool can result in inconsistent sizes and shapes.

New blades effectively cut thick pieces and other leather items. Some types include rotary cutters, a thin blade swivel knife, head knives, curved knives, a utility knife with sharp blades to cut straight lines, a craft knife, and other different cutting tools.

Some are designed to last a specific length of time, while others can be changed after a few uses. It’s also worth considering the source of the leather. By using the right leather cutting tools for the right type of leather, the quality of the finished product will increase, which will result in a better-finished item.


How to Cut Leather Cleanly

Choosing the right leather cutting tools is only half the battle; knowing how to use the tool is just as important. So if you were wondering how to cut leather, here are some examples.

Ensuring that the blade is sharp is the first step, which will help to prevent the tool from getting jammed. This can be done by using a sharpening stone, which can be purchased separately and used in conjunction with the tool, or by sharpening the blade using a whetstone, which is also available separately. Once the blade is sharp, it’s time to get to work. It’s also a good idea to wear leather gloves when using the tool to prevent unwanted cuts and scratches.

Next, it’s a good idea to practice on some scrap leather a few times before starting on the main leather project. A sharp blade makes a big difference to how the final product comes out, and it’s worth practicing on something that isn’t going to be seen or used before moving on to the real thing.

Can You Use Knives as Leather Cutting Tools?

Can you use knives as leather cutting tools? Yes, you can use knives as leather cutting tools, but this is only advisable if you have access to a sharpener. The best way to use a knife as a leather cutting tool is to hold it against the blade of the knife, ensuring that the blade is sharp enough to cut through the leather. There are other styles to effectively cutting out leather, but using a knife as an effectively sharp helpful tool definitely eases the leatherworking process.

To use it as a general-purpose tool, place the knife against the leather, then shape or cut the leather as normal. When you’re done, use a honing stone to sharpen the blade if necessary. A cutting knife, such as a paring knife, works well as a leather cutting tool, but it might be that the thick leather is too difficult to cut with a single blade.

In this case, it’s best to cut thick leather with a swivel knife or a curved blade. Also, some skiving knives have a curved blade that is designed specifically for skiving. Different leather shapes require different tools to be used, but most leathers are cut using the same basic tools.

What Is the Best Tool for Cutting Leather?

What is the best tool for trimming leather? The right tool for the right job will depend on the leather being used.

While a general-purpose tool can be used to cut most types of leather, specialist tools are designed to be used on a particular type of leather. These will usually come with a set of blades designed to be used with the tool, which can make the process quicker and easier. It’s also worth investing in a set of blades that are designed for the type of leather being used.

While the knife is a great tool, there are some tight areas that need different ones to cut straight lines. For example, the embossed leather is cut using a perforator. This tool is used to create a series of small holes by using the hole punch system and makes the leather effectively bend and curve.

Final Thoughts: Which Leather Cutting Tools Do You Need?

As we saw, leather cutting tools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Many people, especially when they are just starting out, are limited in the tools that they have available to craft leather goods. Finding and choosing the right tools can be a challenge.

However, with a bit of research, it’s possible to find the kind of tools that will be the best fit for your needs. Follow some of our tips, and you’ll soon be on your way to finding the best leather cutting tools that will help you create the leather goods of your dreams.