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A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting with Leather Strips

Leather strips have a variety of uses depending on the type of project. Learn more in this comprehensive overview from the pros at Stonestreet Leather.

What Are Leather Strips?

Although the term leather strip may sound simple, you may be surprised to learn that there are various types of leather strips that you can buy. Additionally, there are many uses of leather strip that you may have little or no idea about. So what are leather strips, what are the most appropriate types for your particular project, and how to create art supplies with them? Read on to find answers to those questions and the tips you need to buy good-quality strips.

Exactly What Is a Leather Strip?

A leather strip refers to leather that has been cut from the main hide. Strips come in various lengths and colors, so you can purchase them according to the purpose you intend the strips to serve.

They also have different names. While long strips of leather intended for holding your pants are leather belts, long strips for backpacks and other bags are known as shoulder leather straps. , while Thin strips can be used for braiding or weaving can be called leather lace. Leather lace can also be used to wrap knife handles.

Longer dense leather pieces cut into round can be referred to as a leather cord or cording. Leather cording can be used in many crafts, from bag making to jewelry making.

Regardless of whether they are called leather straps, laces, or cording, leather cut stripes are a favorite among leatherworkers because they can be used in almost any leather project as decoration, edge protection, or handle on a bag.  

Best Leather Strips

Leather strips are made from the hides of various animals. The quality of the strips depends on factors such as the source of the animal hide, the manufacturing and tanning process, and how the leather was cut. Additionally, holes, abrasions, scars, and branding practices can also affect the quality of leather. Good leather should be strong, durable, and without any holes or patterns. The best code of purchase is to read reviews and ads before purchasing.

Top Leather Strips to Buy

Here are the top leather strips you should buy, as you can use them for various crafting projects.

  • Full-grain Strips

Strips made of full-grain leather are strong and have minor imperfections, so they are best for decorating furniture and making footwear. They are also visually appealing, and the color may change over time due to their use.

  • Top-grain Strips

Strips made from this leather have no imperfections, and they are softer and more malleable. Therefore, you can use such strips for lacing, weaving, and braided leather products.

Leather Strips for Crafts

Once you learn how to sew leather, with craft machines, you will be able to make amazing leather products. However, unless you understand what strips you need for your project, you may end up buying the wrong leather strip. Here are the most common leather and what you can use them for: 

Braiding Leather Strips

Braiding is not a new craft. It goes back thousands of years ago, leading to the creation of beautifully braided leather goods and one of the great business opportunities of its time. You can buy beautifully braided goods in the market today, such as steering wheel wraps, leather belts, bracelets, and braided leather cords. Another popular braided leather product is braided leather whips. However, it can't be used in creating wedding goods, toys, beads, jewelry, decor products, and other beauty supplies with floral and yarn carvings.

Faux Leather Strips

If you have a project requiring colored strips, then faux leather strips are a convenient choice. Faux strips are cheaper than other strips, and you can use them as a belt, shoulder strap, or camera strap. Faux strips are waterproof, so you don't have to worry about them absorbing any moisture and keeping them in storage.

Thin Leather Strips

Thin strips are crucial to a variety of projects, especially if you need leather for weaving or braiding products. You can also use thin strips as laces for various leather goods such as handbags or shoes such as moccasins. Additionally, thin strips are an excellent choice for decorating. So you can also use it in knitting and relevant hobbies to sell on your site or shop.

Features of Best Leather Strips

When buying leather strips, there are features to look out for which include:

1. Length of the strips.

Ensure that the leather strips are long enough for whatever you need to make, such as laces or belts.

2. Width of the strips.

How wide the strips are is also an important feature to consider when buying leather strips.

3.Colors of the strips.

Remember that leather strips come in various colors, so select the colors according to how colorful you need your item to be.

Qualities of Top Leather Strips

Leather accessories are not cheap, so it is vital to get good quality for your money. Here are the main qualities to look for when shopping for a leather strip:


Whatever purpose you need the leather strip for, determines the thickness. If you need a leather strip for lacing, beading, or weaving, it is best to go for a thinner leather strip, but you need thicker strips for belts, purses, and shoulder straps.


Weight goes hand in hand with thickness. Light strips are usually thin, while thicker straps tend to be heavier. Laces should be light, but strips for making backpack straps should be thicker and heavier.

How to Cut Leather Strips

Cutting leather is important if you want to create beautiful leather products, so it is vital to learn how to cut it into suitable sizes without any wastage. Unless you know how to cut the leather into strips properly, you may cut irregular strips.

Cutting Leather into Strips

Leather is cut using different tools depending on the size of the straps. Blank belt straps are cut using a straightedge and a leatherworker's knife. You can also use a wooden strap cutter to cut belt straps and other wider strips. However, thinner strips are cut using a lace cutter.

Cost of Leather Strips

The cost of strips varies from seller to seller. Additionally, the strips' quality, width, and length will determine how much you will pay for the strips. You may also decide to learn a few DIY tips and buy a large piece of leather and cut it into strips at home.

How Much Are Quality Strips?

High-quality strips vary in price from one seller to another. So ensure that you do your research to purchase them at a lower price, read buyers' reviews, and see if the leather will offer you value for your money.

Leather Strips Wholesale

Buying anything wholesale is cheaper than buying the same item in retail terms. So if you need many strips of various sizes, buying wholesale is a favorable option because you will save more money. You can talk to the seller and see if it is possible to purchase straps of various sizes and colors at wholesale rather than retail.

Wholesale Belt Straps

Buying belly straps at wholesale or in bulk is an excellent idea because you get belt straps of various sizes and colors at lower prices. So whether you need the belt straps for reselling or personal use, ask the seller for wholesale price.

Where to Buy Leather Strips

Strips are available in online shops or leather retailing shops. However, these strips vary in quality and price, so do not be surprised if you find sellers selling the same leather strip at different prices.

Where Can You Buy Leather Strip?

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Leather Strips for Sale

You can find various types and sizes of leather strips for sale at Stonestreet Leather. Our online store is fully stocked with a wide range of leather products. If you have any questions about our various categories of strips and other leather materials, we encourage you to reach out to our team of leather experts.