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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Leather Strips: Hobby Lobby vs Alternatives

You have numerous options to choose from when deciding where to purchase leather strips. Read this guide before you buy leather strips at Hobby Lobby or another big-box craft store.


What to Know About Leather Strips at Hobby Lobby

Perhaps you regularly buy your craft items like leather strips at Hobby Lobby. Have you ever asked yourself whether that is the optimal option? There are many aspects the modern crafter needs to know about leather strips, such as where to buy vegetable tanned leather, how to care for vegetable tanned leather, how to dye vegetable tanned leather, and how to care for buffalo leather.


There are many different kinds of leather strips and various uses for each. A leather strip is a thin piece of material available in different colors and lengths cut from the primary hide.


When purchasing leather strips, a savvy shopper will have a general idea about what type of materials they want and how they intend to use them. Many brick-and-mortar, as well as online shops, have periodic sales. While some vegetable-tanned leather strips may not entirely meet your aesthetic preferences, they will fit your functional needs.


Buying Hobby Lobby Leather Strips Online


Although the Hobby Lobby leather strips are plentiful and varied, they are not the store’s first priority. As a hobby and craft store, Hobby Lobby offers a diverse selection of different types of crafting materials and tools, as well as holiday decorations, wedding, and party supplies. Since they aren’t a specialty store, they are not the premier provider of leather strips.


By shopping for leatherworking materials at a local store or craft market, you have the freedom to peruse the products, physically view, and assess the flexibility, softness, and thickness of the strips. You can buy the exact piece or pieces you desire.


If you primarily shop online, you can look through the offerings of various stores from the convenience of your home. You can also research where you can buy vegetable-tanned leather and other leatherworking materials and tools.


The Best Leather Strips at Hobby Lobby

Many beginners are unaware that the best leather strips at Hobby Lobby aren’t as high quality as those they can purchase from smaller venues like Stonestreet Leather. Although the strips found at big box stores may be a good option for amateurs, you should consider investing in higher-quality materials and tools if you are planning to continue your craft.


There are many types of leather, and knowing where to purchase the type you are looking for is essential to the quality of your resulting product. Buffalo leather strips that are found at Stonestreet Leather have the following features:


  • Distinct Grain
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Soft
  • Strong
  • Thick


Many leather workers prefer to shop for their materials online. They often have a more comprehensive selection of buffalo leather materials than are often offered at a local big box store.


What Makes Hobby Lobby Best for Leather Strips?

Often, what makes Hobby Lobby the best choice for leather strips is the large number of stores peppered throughout the country. They are easy to find in most cities and large towns, making finding crafting materials accessible, easy, and convenient. This is especially true for crafters with multiple hobbies and a varied shopping list.


However, it’s important to weigh your options and determine which is right for you. Most leatherworkers will benefit from the quality and variety of materials offered by a smaller leather retailer. What Types of Projects Are Made From Leather Strips? A wide variety of interesting projects can be made from leather strips. Although for beginners who are probably creating basic designs, lower-priced leather may be an option for those buying on a budget. Customers should be aware of imitation leather and other misrepresetations.


High-quality pieces produced by experienced crafters, however, require the use of high-quality materials. Vegetable-tanned buffalo leather has the added benefit of being durable so that it will last a long time. Potential projects include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Belts
  • Bracelets
  • Braiding
  • Cording
  • Crafts
  • Furniture
  • Lacing
  • Weaving Belts


Local chain stores typically have a small inventory of natural leather materials and faux leather options. For a more comprehensive selection of natural leather options, Stonestreet Leather has a variety of buffalo leather strips available.


Why You Choose Hobby Lobby for Leather Products?

So, why do you choose Hobby Lobby for leather products? Often, if you have several types of materials or products you are shopping for, you may decide to multitask by buying them all from one location. Unfortunately, what you gain in inconvenience, you may lose in quality and cost.


There are over 800 Hobby Lobby stores around the USA. They offer various small vegetable-tanned leather pieces, strips, and leatherworking kits.


Most retail and wholesale stores periodically offer sales prices on flawed, overstock, and scrap pieces. They might sell smaller pieces in bulk by weight, or they might choose to sell specific out-of-season colors at lower prices.


Buying a Leather Working Kit at Hobby Lobby

If you are buying a leatherworking kit at Hobby Lobby, you are often comparing overpriced tools grouped with others that you may not need. Often, these are attractively packaged to be purchased by well-meaning people as gifts for others. They are combined to make the most profit while providing the most negligible benefit to the buyer.


If you choose Stonestreet Leather as your leather supplier, we can provide advice and answers regarding which tools are most beneficial for your particular crafting needs and the materials you are working with. You can personally select quality materials and tools that will offer the most versatility. Some of the most commonly used leatherworking tools include:


  • Adjustable Manual Strap Cutter
  • Lace Cutter
  • Leatherworker’s Knife
  • Straightedge
  • Strap Cutting Machines


Buying Online From Stonestreet Leather


There is a wide variety of leather strips in many sizes and colors available at the online store of Stonestreet Leather. A team of experts is available to offer advice and answer any questions you might have about their leathercraft supplies. Buyers can choose from brightly printed options and soft upholstery-style leather choices as well as durable buffalo leather strips.


Stonestreet Leather ensures their customers get high-quality, high-value materials so that they can expect excellent results.