What is Embossed Leather?



Leather products are beautiful; there is no denying that.

But leather embossing gives the finished leather products a new look and feel! Whether you want a logo or any particular pattern or design, it's achievable through leather embossing.

So what are embossed leathers? How is leather embossing done, and is embossed leather of good quality?

Read on for the answers and other important details you need to know when purchasing embossed leather.


Leather embossing produces patterns and designs on leather.


The companies that create embossed leather use high pressure and heat to produce beautiful prints on full hides with the embossing machine we see on products.

So whether you need a section of the leather embossed or the whole piece, you got it with the help of an embossing plate!

Although the patterns are artificial and made of animal skins, they are still as beautiful as the natural ones. Here are some products that you can make from embossed leather:

  • Leather book covers

  • Branded shoes

  • Leather hats

  • Leather handbags and wallets

  • Branded belts

Remember that, unlike plain leather, you will create unique products because of the various patterns you can get from leather embossing.

Details About Embossing Leather

There are so many amazing things you can get from leather embossing. You can create the name or year of birth for someone you intend to gift a leather product. You can also create patterns based on various memories and inside jokes with your friends. And so much more.

For example, there's a high demand for customized products in the market, and leather wallets with embossed names of your loved ones in them are a perfect option to consider for the gift.

That's not all; there are various benefits you get through leather embossing that we will discuss below.

Types of Embossing

There are three main types of leather embossing:

  1. Blind embossing: this is a type of embossing where you do not add any color to the leather 

  2. Gold embossing: this is embossing leather while transferring gold leaf into the material

  3. Colour imprint: if you don't want a dull embossed leather product, this type of embossing is perfect for you. You can transfer color from color films to embossed leather through the color imprint.

Factors That Influence Embossing

Various factors determine how perfect your embossing process will be. If you get all of them right, then expect excellent results.

The first is the pressure you use to create the embossed pattern. For perfect results, make sure you use more pressure because you won't create solid and durable embossed leather if you use less pressure.

The second factor is heat/temperature. If you want the best results, use a high temperature, a low temperature will produce an average embossing.

Don't rush the stamping process. The longer you apply the stamping pressure, the more remarkable and durable the embossing will be.

The last factor is moisture, and it is also our third step in the embossing process. The prints will be more precise and durable if you emboss damp leather.

Benefits of Buying Embossed Leather

Embossed leather looks classically beautiful compared to the simple one with the same sturdy texture and solid structure. Here are some benefits of buying embossed leather.

  1. Stamping the design makes the leather less delicate and thus easier to take care of. Additionally, embossing hides scratches and marks, which will make your leather look worn out.

  2. Embossing leather gives your leather products an exotic look, such as crocodile-embossed leather or ostrich-embossed leather.

  3. Embossed leather goods stand out from products made from natural hide.


Embossing leather is not complicated. Here is what you need for your D.I.Y. leather embossing project:

Once you have all the items, it is time for leather embossing.

Step 1: 

Place the unfinished leather on your work table with the front of the leather facing up.

Step 2:

Use the damp sponge to wet the part of the leather you want to stamp. This practice makes the area softer and, thus, easier to manipulate. Additionally, the more moisture the leather has, the better the embossment will be.

However, please do not soak the leather in water, as it will take more time to dry.

Step 3:

Use clamps to secure the leather down so that it does not move and ruin your print design. That is why our leather should be at the table's edge, where you can secure it with a C-clamp.

Fix the first stamp to one side of the cylindrical tool and make sure the stamp side is down. Use the wood mallet to hammer the other end of the cylinder pressing the stamp further into the leather. You can move the stamp if you want the embossment on the entire surface of the leather.

Repeat this process with the other stamps you want on your embossed leather. 

Step 4:

Pour a leather finish product on a damp sponge or cloth. Rub it on the print in a circular motion. Please don't leave it on any part of your print design to protect the leather. 



Does the process of leather embossing sound like a lot of work? It may be too many people, and you may not get the print you were aiming for. So what do you do when you want to gift a loved one with a beautiful leather product but cannot afford genuine reptile skin?

Simple, you buy stamped/embossed leather from the professionals of the leather manufacturing process.

Embossed Genuine Leather

At Stonestreet leather, we are experts in embossed and printed leather. We create high-quality embossed genuine leather that looks close to the natural markings found in snake alligator or other exotic leathers.

There are also countless embossed and printed leather types to choose from at a reasonable price. So don't feel limited!



With leather embossing, your options are unlimited. You can buy custom embossed leather for your loved ones(or a treat for yourself); that way, you will own a one-in-a-kind leather product.

However, ensure you give the correct details before embossing to avoid disappointments. Additionally, ensure the shape, length, or markings are precise so that you won't have any regrets or complaints when you pick up your order.



Is embossed leather real leather?

Yes, it is genuine leather. However, some visible artificial markings or prints have been imprinted on the natural grain or skin of the animal hide.

Is embossed leather of good quality?

Embossing does not alter the quality of the leather as long as it does not hide any damage on the original hide.

What types of leather are used for embossing?

Corrected grain leather is the most preferred leather type to use for embossing.