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The Complete Ostrich Leather Crafting Guide for Artisans

If you consider using ostrich leather for your next leather-working project, this guide covers everything you need to know to get started.

The Appeal of Ostrich Leather

If you want to make exotic leather products, you may consider trying ostrich leather because it is among the most exotic types of leather.

Due to its unique look, it is used to create beautiful leather products with a distinct appearance. So, you can easily spot this distinctive material on your next shopping trip for leather!

Exotic skins are expensive, and thus there are cheaper imitations used by manufacturers of handbags, shoes, and other leather products. These imitations are called ostrich print leather.

Ostrich Skin Leather Is Rising in Popularity

The American alligator and Nile crocodile have been popular choices for creating beautiful leather products such as boots, belts, seat covers, and shoes for many years.

However, ostrich skin leather has raised points of interest among artisans and leather workers in recent years because it can create a unique look for your products.

When ostriches are slaughtered, their meat is consumed while their feathers are used for decoration. The skin on the body and legs is processed and tanned to create beautiful leather.

Ostrich leather is more supple than cowhide, and it can be used for many different types of products. It is also lighter in weight, making it a good choice for summertime products.

Genuine Ostrich Leather

As we mentioned above, although many products are made from genuine leather, other products are made from imitations. If you aren't keen, you can inadvertently buy the cheap imitations, and your purse or leather belt won't give you the service you expected.

So, when you buy ostrich skins, ensure you buy from a reliable source. You must also ensure that it is genuine and not an imitation with a similar bumpy texture.

How Can You Tell Real Ostrich Leather From Faux Leather?

The good news is that it is not complicated to differentiate between ostrich leather and ostrich print.

Manufacturers use a heavy rolling plate when tanning leather from another animal to make indentations that resemble ostrich prints. However, the bumps on genuine ostrich hide are unique, while those on the manufactured quill are uniform.

Therefore, if you realize that the leather you are buying has uniform indentations, it is not original ostrich skin but an imitation. Additionally, the pores of the animals whose hide was indented to make ostrich print can still be seen on the finished product.

How to Assess Ostrich Leather Quality

When buying any type of hide or skin, it is vital to ensure high quality. The quality of ostrich hides will affect the quality of the leather products you make from them. There are various grades of ostrich skins available in multiple colors.

The main factors that determine the quality of ostrich skin are:

  • Visible blemishes and defects on the skin of the ostrich due to wounds

  • The size of the ostrich skin

  • Bird maturity

  • The number of bumps on the quill

  • Thickness

The crown area is the finest part of the ostrich skin; this is the area where the animal's neck meets the body. When buying ostrich leather, it is vital to consider your style to buy the quality that does not affect it.

Ostrich Skin: Grading and Quality

When determining the grade of the ostrich skin, it is necessary to imagine two lines drawn through the length and the width of the crown or quilled area of the ostrich skin. That way, ostrich skins are divided into four quadrants, and every part is evaluated individually.

For example, Grade 1 ostrich skin may have no visible blemishes on the crown area. Exotic leather of this quality is used to make leather products requiring big defect-free panels.

Grade 2 ostrich skins may have visible blemishes on one quadrant, while Grade 3 skins may have defects on two quadrants. The secondary areas of ostrich skins are usually reasonably clean and free of defects.

Handbags and luggage are usually made of Grade I/II ostrich skin. Ostrich leather boots, shoes, and wallets are typically made of Grade II/III ostrich skins.

How Durable Is Ostrich Leather?

Ostrich skins are very durable, and any ostrich leather product will serve you for a long time. Unlike other exotic leathers and regular leathers that can harden or even crack due to prolonged usage, ostrich leather products become softer.

The reason is that ostrich leather absorbs natural oils from whatever it comes in contact with, thus retaining the leather's texture and becoming soft the more you use it.

The tanning process used to tan ostrich skins also contributes to the durability of the leather. The tanning makes the hide resistant to moisture, and it does not harden with age.

Most designer brands use ostrich leather to create high-end products because of its durability and unique appearance. The tanning process used on ostrich skins is usually more expensive than tanning other types of leather.

Ostrich Leather for Sale

If you enjoy creating leather products, ostrich skins are an appealing material to try. However, these smooth, durable, and pliable exotic leathers are rare and thus expensive.

So, whenever you want to buy it, make sure that the skins have no defects and that it is original ostrich skins and not imitations.

It is also crucial to ensure that the skins are tanned well and ready to create saddles, boots, handbags, or belts, either to sell or for your collection.

Buy Ostrich Leather

Like the snake, Nile crocodile, caiman lizard, and American Alligator leather, Ostrich leather has grades graded in centimeters. The measurements it is sold in are small; therefore, when you buy it, ensure you use it well and avoid wastage.

Ostrich Leather Price

Due to increasing popularity and more farmers rearing ostriches, the price of ostrich skins has gradually reduced. About 15 years ago, the average cost of ostrich body skins was $750.

However, when buying ostrich skin or leather, you should research how long shipping takes. That way, you can begin creating your custom leather products as soon as you receive your ostrich skins.

How Much Is Ostrich Leather Worth?

You can often buy ostrich body skins for as low as $400! However, make sure you select the color or finishes you need to create various leather products such as boots, furniture, and handbags.

How to Clean Ostrich Leather

Products made from ostrich body skin are not cheap, so be sure to take good care of them. When not using them, place them safely where they cannot be damaged or get wet.

If it gets dirty, wipe the surface of the leather boot, handbag, or other leather product with a damp cloth and leather cleaner. Wipe off any excess leather cleaner and let the ostrich skin product dry indoors. Make sure you don't expose it to too much sun.

You can also use a conditioner, but test it in a hidden area to ensure it doesn't damage your leather product.

Creating Your Own Ostrich Leather Products

Ostrich leather is used to make various high-quality, durable products. Although Ostrich skin leather products are expensive, they are worth the cost. Here are some products you can make from ostrich leather:

  • Ostrich boots

  • Handbags

  • Motorcycle seats and bicycle saddles

  • Wallet

  • Ostrich leather belts

  • Furniture

  • Phone cases

Ostriches do not produce a lot of leather, and thus, ostrich leather products are expensive. Additionally, if you want to buy ostrich body skin for your project, it won't be as cheap as lamb or cowhide leather.

Therefore, be careful when you cut the leather to avoid wastage. Additionally, be sure to store the leather in a safe, dry place away from dust and other substances that may damage it.

The most crucial aspect of creating quality ostrich body skin products is the supplier you choose.

Above all else, be sure to purchase high-quality leather from a trusted supplier that will help you create beautiful, durable products that will bring joy to you or your customers for years to come.

To Wrap Up

At Stonestreet Leather, our ostrich embossed leather is some of the highest quality available.

We hope this guide has helped you understand a little more about ostrich leather and how to take care of it.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you select the perfect leather for your next project!