The Many Different Uses of Buffalo Leather

Uses of Buffalo Leather

Because buffalo leather is durable, robust, and soft, it can be used for a wide range of purposes. Genuine American buffalo leather, otherwise known as bison leather or saddle leather, is a type of leather that is made from tanned buffalo hides. Genuine buffalo leather may be obtained from the African Cape buffalo hide, North American bison hide, and the Asian water buffalo hide, which is then used to make buffalo leather products.

Since buffalo leather is usually up to three times thicker than cow leather, it is highly durable and strong. Moreover, since it is not usually tanned using chemical processes, it is not as stretched and tends to be thicker than cowhide.

As such, the tanning process will usually produce full-grain buffalo leather that is extra flexible and strong compared to the leather of other animals such as goats or cows. This makes it great for producing all manner of high-quality leather goods that are exceptionally durable.

This article will discuss why buffalo leather is preferred for making high-end leather products compared to other leathers, such as cow leather or goat leather.

Is Buffalo Leather Any Good?

Genuine leather products made from bison leather, water buffalo leather, or domestic buffalo leather make soft, glossy yet strong and durable real leather with a smooth finish, more distinctive grain, and rich patina.

Compared to cow hides, buffalo leather products have thicker leather, natural beauty, and deep tones. Different types of products can be made from buffalo leather due to its attributes such as:

  1. Durability: Buffalo leather is a highly durable leather that can usually withstand wear and tear. It is also stain- and water-resistant, given its thicker fibers, making it an excellent choice for highly used items.

  2. Comfortable: Buffalo leather is usually natural leather because it is tanned using organic materials, unlike cowhide, which is tanned using harsh chemicals. This natural tanning process makes buffalo leather comfortable and soft to the touch. It is also a top-quality leather that is highly resistant to dents and scratches, making it excellent for items that need to look good for a long time.

  3. Style and appearance: Natural vegetable tanning process produces top-grain buffalo leather, which is characterized by distinctive colors, textures, and a high-quality appearance, which does not fade over time. These characteristics make it one of the most sought-after leathers.

  4. Price: Buffalo leather is more expensive than other types of leather, but it is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and requires little or no attention. Therefore, it is a great choice when it comes to leather products.

  5. Versatility: Buffalo leather is widely used to manufacture high-quality Italian buffalo leather shoes, bags, clothing items, and comfortable upholstered furniture due to its strength and abrasion resistance.

  6. Environmental friendliness: Since buffalo leather is a natural material processed organically, it tends to be among the most eco-friendly products.

What Is Buffalo Leather Used For?

Because buffalo hides are extremely durable, water-resistant, stain-resistant, have natural patinas, and water-resistant, they are used to manufacture all sorts of high-end leather products. Some of these include:

Buffalo Leather Jackets

Buffalo leather is often used in making leather jackets worn by motorcyclists, given that it is a highly durable material that is abrasion resistant and extremely strong. While it has a more pronounced pattern than cowhide, it comes with a similar feel and will last for years.

Buffalo Leather Bags, Handbags, and Wallets

Bags, purses, and wallets usually have to bear a lot of wear and tear; hence, they must be made from the strongest materials. Tanned buffalo hide is excellent for these items, given its durability, thickness, and strength.

Heavy-duty leather bags made from full-grain leather include duffles, scrap bags, messenger satchels, holdalls, totes, and backpacks that last for a lifetime despite heavy usage. Also, buffalo leather's beautiful tones make it a popular material for luxury handbags and wallets.

Buffalo Leather Belts

Buffalo leather is typically two to three times thicker than cowhide, which makes buffalo leather materials some of the strongest leathers you could buy. This means buffalo leather is excellent for making strips, straps, and belt blanks that need to be durable and robust.

Buffalo Leather Gloves

Gloves made from buffalo leather are some of the toughest you could get. Buffalo leather gloves are great for working outdoors, as they are resistant to dents and scratches compared to other leathers.

Buffalo Leather Boots

Buffalo leather is often used in the manufacture of top-quality bespoke footwear. The high-quality leather is suitable for making stylish outdoor footwear.

Buffalo Leather Hats and Hats

Buffalo leather, also called English Saddle Leather, is increasingly popular in making leather hats. It is preferred for its good grip and the fact that it is scratch resistant and durable, making it great for the outdoors.

Should You Get Buffalo Leather?

There are many different styles and types of leather out there, but buffalo leather is by far an excellent option. It is a durable and tough leather, which makes it perfect for items that have to endure hard use, such as belts and wallets.

It also comes with a natural and unique look and is made in different patterns and colors, making it easy to find the perfect leather product that fits your style and personality.

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