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Scraps are an inevitable outcome of leatherworking, but you don't have to throw them away! Get creative with these leather scrap crafts ideas.

Top Creative Leather Scrap Crafts Ideas for Artisans

Leather Scrap Crafts Ideas

You don't want those leftover leather scraps to waste, do you? How then do you turn these pieces into breathtaking projects? Here are some excellent ideas:

Leather Crafting Ideas

Creating a Wallet

One of the most efficient ways of making good scrap leather is creating a wallet or purse. You would be surprised at how beautiful a wallet or purse can look if you make it from the leather pieces that would otherwise go to waste.

Making a Belt

Make a belt from leather scraps. If you have a long leather piece that can turn into a belt, you only need to get a leather needle and a thread to add a personal style to the belt. Your customized belt will suit perfectly with your personality.

Phone Case

Make an iPhone case with leather straps personalization. Among the leathercraft ideas that people in different age groups will enjoy is having an iPhone case made of leather. You can also add polka dots on the case using a sewing machine and small scrap pieces.

Try Bag

Your leather straps don't have to waste if you can make a shoe bag, tote bag, or another small bag. You can even make a bag to carry a pocket knife in easily.

Make Keychain

Make a keychain out of leftover leather. With a little bit of practice using scrap leather, you can make a keychain that you will carry with you throughout the day or luggage tags that will make it easy to travel.

What can I make with leather offcuts?

There are many things that you can do with leather offcuts. You can make a leather wallet, a leather bag, or even a belt. You could also use it to make some leather coasters or cover your phone in leather.

You can also use your offcuts to create some decorations for your home. You could make some coasters for the coffee table and put them on display as decoration. Alternatively, you could turn them into a small purse or clutch bag and keep it with you when you're going out.

What can you do with leather strips?

Leather strips are an excellent material for creating things like wallets, belts, and other accessories. It is also a great material for making leather products.

One of the most popular projects is making a leather bracelet. You can make this one project by cutting out two pieces of leather about 8 inches long and 1 inch wide. Then you need to punch holes in one end of each piece of leather and thread them through the other end to make a loop that you can clasp together with a metal fastener. You can also put this up on an online shop where people would love to buy it for inspiration and its cool and amazing look.

What can you do with faux leather scraps?

Faux leather straps are a brilliant way to save money and have fun! You can use them to make wallets, purses, and other fun projects.

Small Leather Projects

Make a backpack out of leftover leather. Why not make one out using your old leather suitcases and other leather items if you want a fashionable backpack? The backpack will appear to be a creative and unique design made from scrap pieces.

People often make journal covers out of leather. To make a journal cover from leather scrap, get a high-quality leather sewing kit. You will then cut the leather pieces to the size of the cover.

Do you want a beautiful coffee table? Scrap crafts allow you to use your imagination in making a mini-table out of leather scraps. Cut as many different sizes of leather as you need, then glue them together. Use decorative buttons to decorate the table.

Creating a piece of art using scrap leather is a fantastic way of having a beautiful collection of art pieces for art lovers. First, sketch designs on plain paper, then transfer the design onto the leather. The finished product will look like a canvas painting.

Other Small Leather Project Ideas

Want some more DIY scrap leather projects to involve yourself in? Let's look at some of the other small projects you can work on using scrap leather.

One of the small leather project ideas that are a good use of your time is making a gift box out of leather scraps. You can add simple gift tags made from scrap leather using leather stamping tools to make the gift boxes more fashionable.

You can also make a coin pouch out of leather scraps. How do you go about doing this? First, cut the leather scraps according to the measurements specified. Next, stitch the leather pieces together, making sure the edges align. Stitch around the perimeter of the leather pieces. Finally, sew two flaps along the bottom of the leather pieces.

DIY Leather Crafts

Many creatives enjoy working on projects from the comfort of their homes. Some DIY leather crafts are easy to complete without needing much equipment.

DIY Leather Ideas

One of these ideas is crafting toys for kids. You may be tempted to purchase plastic toy kits. But these don't last all that long because they wear out quickly. A much better option is crafting your toys out of leather scraps.

You will find yourself having fun creating toys that won't break easily. And who knows? Your kid might even ask you to make more toys for them!

For instance, you can make a doll bed for a child. Simply cut a large sheet of fabric and draw lines across it. Draw a pattern on the leather scraps, then sew them together.

You can also make a jewelry holder out of leather scraps. To make a beautiful jewelry holder using scrap leather, you will first need to cut the leather pieces as big as you desire. Make sure that the edges of each piece match. Before attaching the pieces, cut off some leather corners to expose the edges. Then, stitch them together. After finishing the assembly, drill holes on the backside to insert a clasp. Finally, apply clear nail polish to complete the project.

How to Buy Leather Scraps

You have some of the most creative scrap crafts ideas for artisans. But how will you buy the leather scraps to complete your projects? The first step is selecting your leather materials. You can choose from different types of leather, such as cowhide, sheepskin, and more. You can further choose from various colors depending on your preferences, such as red, brown, black, etc. The next thing you should know about buying leather scraps is where they come from. Scraps are simply leftover pieces of full leather material pieces, so it's a good idea to start with a quality leather supplier like Stonestreet Leather.

It's Time to Utilize Scrap Leather With Stonestreet Leather

There is so much more you can do beyond what we discussed here. Use the leather to create something unique. You can always browse our website to learn how to transform leather scraps into exceptional products that you will love. Unique scrap leather crafts ideas are waiting for you at Stonestreet Leather. Get creative and craft something extraordinary today!